artist Pavel Guliaev

Born in Russia on February 14, 1967.


Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute with a double major in Graphic Design and Fine Art (Mr. M.P. Miturich's class of 1993).


Worked as an illustrator in various publishing houses


For some time I taught at the Higher academic school of graphic design.


Twenty years I do painting and drawing.


My works are in private collections in Russia,USA, Portugal, Germany, China, France, Belgium and Italy.


Currently, I live in Moscow, Russia.



France, Paris, art-fair „Art-Shopping“, october

Germany, Münster, "SURREAL POSITIONS" ARTLETstudio

Germany, Münster, "KUNST KANN AUCH KLEIN" ARTLETstudio

France, Paris, art-fair „Art-Shopping“,may

Russia, Moscow, exhibition, „Visionary Art“

Germany, Karlsruhe, ArtletStudio exhibition „Raum / Zeit“ ARTLETstudio

Germany, Münster, art fair, "Bilder der art&antik in Münster" ARTLETstudio


Belgium, Brussels, art fair "art3f Bruxelles"

Germany, Münster, ArtletStudio exhibition:  "A Symbolic Summer"

Germany, Cologne, art fair "Kölner Liste"


Switzerland, Basel, the project "Artbox project Basel 1.0"



Germany, Berlin, art fair "Berliner Liste"

Russia, Moscow, the international project "Insight"