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artist Pavel Guliaev

I am glad to welcome you to my personal "gallery".  I hope you enjoy what I consider my life's work.  If you want to share your impressions, your thoughts, and even more so if you want to buy my painting, please contact me: 

I will be happy to answer all your questions.

"Imago mundi nova, imago nulla" - the world has no image, we create it ourselves

What I do as an artist can be called "Subjective Realism" or "Subjective Symbolism".
In my paintings, I unite realism and symbolism, and at the same time, the reflection of reality occurs through the use of symbolic elements that complement and, perhaps, explain reality. Reality is processed at a subconscious level and becomes subjective. Unconsciously arising images and forms allow to strengthen the emotional and semantic loading of the picture. With superficial illogicality, everything is built on an internal logical basis. I unite the physical and metaphysical world.
"Imago mundi nova, imago nulla" - the world has no image, we create it ourselves.
The symbols in my pictures are mine, subjective symbols, and they may not fit into the historically formed system of symbols and images. I myself create my own, subjective reality, mapping it on the plane. Each object, each image is endowed with a symbol, and the most interesting is that the very meaning of any symbol can vary depending on the context. My reality is dynamic and polysimantic and is filled with emotional and speculative meanings, understanding of which is sometimes unavailable or can vary depending on various circumstances.


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